calling the jq function like you would do a js function from a form element

i am trying to validate a form using jquery (not use the validate plugin)...what i wanted to know was is there a way to call the same function without it being attached to a particular node...

like in js

<input id="xyz" ....onblur=js:function()>

<input id="abc" ....onblur=js:function()>

where as in jq


not the exact syntax but you do get it...

thanks andy


$(function() {
  $(":input").blur(function() { 
    // executes this function every time the blur event
    // fires on any input element

"input element" being input, textarea, select and button elements.

If you just want it to be executed when the blur event fires for regular inputs, lose the colon. Hope I got what you wanted to achieve.

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