How to use Condition in Delphi Breakpoint properties

I found that a nested loop fails when some particular condition is reached, somehow when I = 1, J = 3 and k = 5

I tried to right click on the breakpoint and in the condition I set

(I = 1) and (J = 3) AND (K = 5)

anyway the breakpoint doesn't stop...

What is wrong?


I've just tried that in D2007 and it works fine. what version are you using?

procedure TForm85.FormClick(Sender: TObject);
var i,j,k : integer;

  for i := 0 to 10 do
  for j := 0 to 10 do
  for k := 0 to 10 do
    z := z + i * j * k; // breakpoint on this line.


Have you considered that the breakpoint may not be reached because the condition is not being met?

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