How do I stop a Git commit when VI is on the screen waiting for a commit message?

I have asked Git to perform a commit from within git bash, It has brought up VI as it always does.

I now wish to cancel the commit, how do I prevent proceeding with the commit from this point?


You have two options:

  • Provide an empty commit message. If it's a new commit and you haven't yet saved the message, you can simply use :q! (quit without saving). If you’ve already saved (or you're amending a previous commit), just delete the entire log message and save again. This can be done with ggdG + :wq in Vim.

  • Have the editor exit with a non-zero exit code. In Vim, you can use :cq (quit with an error code).

It's worth noting that you can always reset your working copy to the state it was in before the commit with git reset HEAD^.

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