How to connect Django to a mysql database over an ssl connection?

I'm trying to connect Django to a mysql database which is accessible through an ssl connection. How do I configure this?

My first guess would be setting the 'OPTIONS' property of the database definition. However, I can't find info on what possible options to use. The option 'ssl': '/map/to/ca-cert.pem' does not work.

The following command seems to work:

mysql -h -u lizard -p --ssl-ca=./ca-cert.pem

Edit: Ok I'm looking at the python-mysqldb documentation... maybe I can find the answer there.


Django uses the Python MySQLdb library to interface with MySQL. Looking at the MySQLdb connection documentation, it looks like the ssl option requires a dictionary argument. So this might work:

'OPTIONS': {'ssl': {'key': '/map/to/ca-cert.pem'}}

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