Using whole space of pdf file

I am using prawn to create pdf file but it always leaves some spaces/margins around the page. Can't we use whole space of the pdf file not leaving any margins around?

Thanks !!!


Are you referring to the page bounds ?

The general space that is consumed on the page can be shown by the example code:

require 'prawn/core'
require 'prawn/layout'

Prawn::Document.generate('padded_box.pdf') do
  text "Margin box"
  padded_box(25) do
    text "Bounding box padded by 25 on all sides from the margins"
    padded_box(50) do
      text "Bounding box padded by 50 on all sides from the parent bounds"

This will draw the bounds of the page showing the margin. There is a gap, which is the margins typically defined for the printing area

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