Printing data from an OleDbDataReader in C#

Basically just for debugging purposes i want to print the contents of my OleDbDataReader object to the console, but i am really struggling to find away of doing it. Could someone help me out please. I have no way of testing my sql (well i can in toad for oracle but thats not the point).

Ideally i am going to transfer the contents of this in to an arraylist if they exist in c# (i am new to c# as you may have guessed!)

while (myOleDbDataReader.Read())


For every field in your Sql-Query, you can get the Data with typing

String test = myOleDbDataReader["fieldName"].ToString();

for example you can print it with:


You can try something like this

foreach(var item in myOleDbDataReader)

to print out every included item. (NOT tested!)

EDIT: Forgot that you have to put the foreach-loop in your while( or it won't work...


better Loop:

            for (int k = 0; k < reader.FieldCount; k++)

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