max mysql queries per minute

How many queries does the slave can handle per minute?

In my case, I used the show status like '%questions%' and found that after the interval of 1 minute, around 5,000 queries were executed.

Is it the normal behavior or it can improved?


There are many inter-related factors which influence the answer to your questions. They include, but are not limited to

  • The distribution of queries to your slave
  • The timing and types of updates coming in via replication
  • Your dataset
  • Your hardware
  • Your MySQL version and engines being employed

Having said that, the stat of "5000 questions per minute" by itself it not sufficient to raise any flags in my books.

It might be more worthwhile to determine if your application is operating within an acceptable range; e.g. what the application's average response time or worst case response time.

It's worth noting that the questions counter includes more than just SELECTs. I can't find a comprehensive list or reference, but, for some examples, I believe that "UPDATEs, DELETEs, SHOW STATUS, USE $db, SHOW TABLES" all increment the questions status variable.

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