How to capture process output in C?

Is there any analog of PHP's system in C?

man system says, that system return status of the command, but I need the output (like in PHP).

Of course, I can use pipes for this, but is there any standard way?


You can make use of popen and related function as:

// command to be run.
char *cmd = "date"; 

// open pipe stream.
FILE *fp = popen(cmd,"r");
int ch; 

// error checking.
if(!fp) {
        fprintf(stderr,"Error popen with %s\n",cmd);

// read from the process and print.
while((ch = fgetc(fp)) != EOF) {

// close the stream.

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If you need the output of the command, you'd use popen() on Unix (with "r" to indicate that you want to read from the command).

FILE *fp = popen("some -convoluted command", "r");
...check for validity... data from command...

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