C++ can we have functions inside functions?

I mean like

int main(){
  void a(){

AFAIS: nested classes and structs are most common solution...


No, C++ doesn't support that.

That said, you can have local classes, and they can have functions (non-static or static), so you can get this to some extend, albeit it's a bit of a kludge:

int main() // it's int, dammit!
  struct X { // struct's as good as class
    static void a()


  return 0;

However, I'd question the praxis. Everyone knows (well, now that you do, anyway :)) C++ doesn't support local functions, so they are used to not having them. They are not used, however, to that kludge. I would spend quite a while on this code to make sure it's really only there to allow local functions. Not good.

C++11 supports this using lambdas/closures.

int main() {
    auto f = []() { return 42; };
    std::cout << "f() = " << f() << std::endl;

In recent versions of GCC and clang you can test this by passing the -std=c++11 flag to the compiler.

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