bash recursive xtrace

Is there any way to run bash script X so that if X call executable bash script Y then Y starts by 'sh -eux'?


echo OK


It is possible to make a subshell run using the same shell options set in the parent by exporting the SHELLOPTS environment variable.

In your case where and cannot be edited, I'd create a wrapper script that simply exports SHELLOPTS before calling


# example which calls


# example which needs to be called using sh -eux


#!/bin/sh -eux
# which sets the options for all sub shells

Calling directly shows that -eux options are not set in

[lsc@aphek]$ ./ 

Calling it via shows that the options have propagated to the subshells.

[lsc@aphek]$ ./ 
+ export SHELLOPTS
+ ./
+ ./
+ echo braceexpand:errexit:hashall:interactive-comments:nounset:posix:xtrace

Tested on GNU bash, version 3.00.15(1)-release. YMMV.

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