Errors resulting in YSOD when I deploy the app

I have an app that runs fine locally. When I deploy this app to our staging environment, errors that are normally caught are resulting in the 'Yellow Screen of Death', even though the errors are surrounded by Try/Catch blocks and are being logged with ELMAH.

I have no idea why this is the case. Normally the app will deal with the error and keep working. Can somebody suggest what could be causing this?

I don't know what useful info to supply here, so please ask and I'll fill in as much as I can.


Possibly sounds like a configuration issue. I'd suggest looking in the web.config in the <system.web> <customErrors... section.

Can you give more info on what exception you're seeing? Special cases like StackOverflowException are uncatchable.

StackOverflowException used to be catchable on old versions of .NET, but are not anymore. Are your machines running different versions of the framework?

You could be missing some dependencies. Make sure your staging environment has MVC installed.

It turns out it was a PEBKAC data-related error.

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