Ways to speedup Visual Studio 2010

There's been a lot of noise about Visual Studio 2010 being slower than its predecessor, VS 2008.

I was facing the same issue for the last couple weeks, and after an hour of searching around I found a couple of solutions that have made my IDE about 70% faster on most operations, including code editing.

30% speedup

Tools > Options -- CHECK "Show all options"

  • IntelliTrace -- DISABLE
  • HTML Designer -- DISABLE

50% startup speedup

Tools > Options

  • Environment > Add-in/Macros Security -- UNCHECK "Allow Add-in components to load"

Tools > Extension Manager

  • Uninstall all you don't need.

Restart your IDE after these and you should observe a noticeable speed increase.

Do you have any more tricks? feel free to add them as answers.


First, thanks for the tips you've provided.

Also some tips for speedup:

Tools > Options > Environment >

  • Uncheck "Automatically adjust visual experience based on client performance"
  • then uncheck "Enable rich client visual experience".

Tools > Options > Environment > Startup:

  • At startup = "Show empty environment"

Tools > Options > Source Control

  • Set to "None"

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