How to check if a line has the right syntax like this?

if i have the following line syntax

FirstName, FamilyName, Address, PhoneNo

and i am reading a data file that contain information, how can i check that i reads a line with the right syntax ??


i mean a function i send to it each line (from a while loop), and its return 0 if the line is correct and 1 if the line is not ?


the correct form is

first name(string), last name(string), address(string),  phone no.(string)

so if the line is missing one or if there more than 4,, it should return a 1,,

Using Bash,

Good Input is ::

Rami, Jarrar, Jenin - Wadi berqen, 111 111

# Some Cases To Deal With

, Jarrar, Jenin - Wadi berqen, 111 111

- Extra Spaces::
Rami,    Jarrar, Jenin - Wadi berqen, 111 111

Rami, Jarrar, Jenin - Wadi berqen, 111 111, 213 3123


x=$(echo "$@" | grep -q '^[^,]\+,[^,]\+,[^,]\+,[^,]\+$')
return $x

len=#number of lines in the file
while [ $i -le $len ]; do
line=$(cat $file)

#------this is where i call the func-----
check $line
if [ $? -eq 1 ];then
echo "ERROR"
echo "Good Line"

BASH 2.3.39 *GREP 2.5.3*

UPDATE now if i make the correct format like this ::

string, value, value, value

value : is a positive integer

what this line should be replaced ::

x=$(echo "$@" | grep -q '^[^,]\+,[^,]\+,[^,]\+,[^,]\+$')



Allows empty fields:

check () { echo "$@" | grep -q '^[^,]*,[^,]*,[^,]*,[^,]*$'; }

Does not allow any field to be empty:

check () { echo "$@" | grep -q '^[^,]\+,[^,]\+,[^,]\+,[^,]\+$'; }

Bourne shell without using external utilities (allows empty fields):

check () { local IFS=,; set -- $@; return $(test -n "$4" -a -z "$5"); }

Bash 3.2 or greater (allows empty fields):

check () { [[ $@ =~ ^[^,]*,[^,]*,[^,]*,[^,]*$ ]]; }

Bash 3.2 or greater (does not allow empty fields):

check () { [[ $@ =~ ^[^,]+,[^,]+,[^,]+,[^,]+$ ]]; }

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