Using subqueries with doctrine / Errors with aliases

I'm trying to make a simple query with a subquery in a orWhere clause (with Doctrine).

As always, Doctrine tries to rename every aliases and completely destroys the queries...

Here's an example:

$q = Doctrine_Query::create()
    ->from('Actualite a')
    ->where('a.categorie_id =?', $id)
    ->orWhere('a.categorie_id IN (select id from cat.categorie as cat where cat.categorie_id =?)', $id)

Which in MySQL would make something like:

FROM actualite a 
WHERE a.categorie_id = 1 OR a.categorie_id IN (SELECT FROM categorie cat WHERE cat.categorie_id = 1);

Everything is right about it, but then again Doctrine destroys it: Couldn't find class cat

Every time I try to do something a little complex with Doctrine, I have errors with aliases. Any advice or ideas about how to fix this?



The SQL example you've provided is fine but the corresponding Doctrine syntax has a couple of errors. Here's a clean version:

$q = Doctrine_Query::create()
    ->from('Actualite a')
    ->where('a.categorie_id = ?', $id)
    ->orWhere('a.categorie_id IN (SELECT FROM Categorie cat WHERE cat.categorie_id = ?)', $id)

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