File Transfer using winsock

I want to send files(text or binary) through winsock,I have a buffer with 32768 byte size, In the other side the buffer size is same,But when the packet size <32768 then i don't know how determine the end of packet in buffer,Also with binary file it seems mark the end of packet with a unique character is not possible,Any solution there? thx


With fixed-size "packets," we would usually that every packet except the last will be completely full of valid data. Only the last one will be "partial," and if the recipient knows how many bytes to expect (because, using Davita's suggestion, the sender told it the file size in advance), then that's no problem. The recipient can simply ignore the remainder of the last packet.

But your further description makes it sound like there may be multiple partially full packets associated with a single file transmission. There is a similarly easy solution to that: Prefix each packet with the number of valid bytes.

You later mention TCustomWinSocket.ReceiveText, and you wonder how it knows how much text to read, and then you quote the answer, which is that it calls ReceiveBuf(Pointer(nul)^, -1)) to set the length of the result buffer before filling it. Perhaps you just didn't understand what that code is doing. It's easier to understand if you look at that same code in another context, the ReceiveLength method. It makes that same call to ReceiveBuf, indicating that when you pass -1 to ReceiveBuf, it returns the number of bytes it received.

In order for that to work for your purposes, you cannot send fixed-size packets. If you always send 32KB packets, and just pad the end with zeroes, then ReceiveLength will always return 32768, and you'll have to combine Davita's and my solutions of sending file and packet lengths along with the payload. But if you ensure that every byte in your packet is always valid, then the recipient can know how much to save based on the size of the packet.

One way or another, you need to make sure the sender provides the recipient with the information it needs to do its job. If the sender sends garbage without giving the recipient a way to distinguish garbage from valid data, then you're stuck.

Well, you can always send file size before you start file transfer, so you'll know when to stop writing to file.

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