quotes in vb.net links

I want to make a link from what the user filepath that is given from an openfiledialog. But I can't get all the quotes in the right places

   DOCTextBox.Text = "<a href=" & OpenFileDialog1.FileName &  "target=_"blank">" & TitleTextBox.Text & "</a>"


DOCTextBox.Text = "<a href=""" & OpenFileDialog1.FileName & """ target=_""blank"">" & TitleTextBox.Text & "</a>"

In order to put a " in a VB.Net string literal, you need to write "".

For example:

   "<a href=""" & HttpUtility.HtmlAttributeEncode(OpenFileDialog1.FileName) _
 & """target=_""blank"">" & HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(TitleTextBox.Text) & "</a>"

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