A More elegant way of doing this?

I keep saying to myself there must be a better way but I can't see it right now.. ideas?

i = 0; lose = 0; win = 0
while i < @array.size
  results = @array[i].results
  q = 0
  while q < results.size
    if results[q].to_i == 0 then
      lose += 1
    elsif results[q].to_i == 1 then
      win += 1
      puts results[q]
      puts "false"
    q += 1
if win == lose then
  puts "true"
  puts "false"


You can use array.each instead of while loops.

You can use array.count instead of manually inspecting each array:

lose = results.count { |r| r.to_i == 0 }
win = results.count { |r| r.to_i == 1 }

# or possibly if the array can only contain wins and losses
win = results.count - lose

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