PHP - preg_match - assign arbitrary value to a matched element

assuming we have this regex:

preg_match('/\b(xbox|xbox360|360|pc|ps3|wii)\b/i' , $string, $matches);

now, whenever the regex match for ex. one of the three xbox methods (xbox|xbox360|360), the $matches, should return just XBOX

is this possible continuing to work in the preg_match() context or i should use some other method?

thank's in advance.


im actually doing it like this:

$x = array('xbox360','xbox','360');
if( preg_match('/\b(xbox360|xbox|360|pc|ps3)\b/i', $s, $m ) ) {
  $t = $m[0];
if ( in_array($t,$x) ) {
  $t = 'XBOX';

i'm wondering if there is another way!


your current code looks ok to me, if you want it a bit fancier, you can try named subpatterns

preg_match('/\b((?P<XBOX>xbox|xbox360|360)|pc|ps3|wii)\b/i' , $string, $matches);
$t = isset($matches['XBOX']) ? 'XBOX' : $matches[0];

or preg_replac'ing things before matching:

$string = preg_replace('~\b(xbox|xbox360|360)\b~', 'XBOX', $string);
preg_match('/\b(XBOX|pc|ps3|wii)\b/i' , $string, $matches);

on big inputs i guess your method would be the fastest. A minor improvement would be to replace in_array with a hash-based lookup:

$x = array('xbox360' => 1,'xbox' => 1,'360' => 1);
if( preg_match('/\b(xbox360|xbox|360|pc|ps3)\b/i', $s, $m ) ) {
  $t = $m[0];
if ( isset($x[$t] ) {
  $t = 'XBOX';

named subpatterns: see and, example 3

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