How to calculate average date occurrence frequency in SQL

I'm trying to produce a query on the following table (relevant portion only):

Create Table [Order] (
  OrderID int NOT NULL IDENTITY(1,1),
  CreationDate datetime NOT NULL,
  CustomerID int NOT NULL

I would like to see a list of CustomerIDs with each customer's average number of days between orders. I'm curious if this can be done with a pure set based solution or if a cursor/temp table solution is necessary.


;WITH base AS
     SELECT  CustomerID,
             ROW_NUMBER() over (partition BY CustomerID ORDER BY CreationDate, OrderID) AS rn
     FROM     [Order]
SELECT   b1.CustomerID,
         AVG(DATEDIFF(DAY,b1.CreationDate, b2.CreationDate) )
FROM     base b1
         JOIN base b2
         ON       b1.CustomerID=b2.CustomerID
         AND      b2.rn        =b1.rn+1
GROUP BY b1.CustomerID

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