Just installed nginx and now having bind error - address already in use

i am running a vps with apache. just installed nginx. got the address already in use error at port 80 because apache is using it. I am new to linux/apache stuff so is it possible to change the port of nginx and how ? if yes will it work as i want it to serve static files automaticaly or should i get my hosting company to do it instead since i don't know much about these.

and yes i used this tutorial to install it http://library.linode.com/web-servers/nginx/installation/centos-5

Help Appreciated :)

Thanks in advance


Look either into

  • your nginx.conf file
  • or any of the sites in sites-enabled (usually under the nginx directory)

and search the server part, listen

  server {
    listen   80;

here you can change the port for 81 for instance instead of 80.


  • you may also have the server { listen } part within your nginx.conf directly
  • if you are under Linux, the configuration is usually in /etc/nginx (nginx.conf) and sites-enabled is below that directory.
  • regarding Apache (Linux), using either service apache stop or service httpd stop or /etc/init.d/apache stop (or httpd) should work to stop the process, or try killall httpd or killall apache (or apache2) to stop Apache.

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