WPF/Silverlight Interview Questions?

What kind of questions would you expect someone to know during an interview for a job doing WPF/Silverlight development?


Entry Level

  • Strong .NET 2.0 Background & willing to learn!
  • Explain dependency properties?
  • What's a style?
  • What's a template?
  • Binding
  • Differences between base classes: Visual, UIElement, FrameworkElement, Control
  • Visual vs Logical tree?
  • Property Change Notification (INotifyPropertyChange and ObservableCollection)
  • ResourceDictionary - Added by a7an
  • UserControls - Added by a7an
  • difference between bubble and tunnel routing strategies - added by Carlo
  • XAML


  • Routed Events & Commands
  • Converters - Added by Artur Carvalho
  • Explain WPF's 2-pass layout engine?
  • How to implement a panel?
  • Interoperability (WPF/WinForms)
  • Blend/Cider - Added by a7an
  • animations and storyboarding
  • ClickOnce Deployment
  • Skinning/Themeing
  • Custom Controls
  • How can worker threads update the UI?
  • DataTemplate vs HierarchicalDataTemplate
  • ItemsControl vs ItemsPresenter vs ContentControl vs ContentPresenter
  • Different types of Triggers
  • How to do Animations through StoryBoards


  • Example of attached behavior?
  • What is PRISM,CAL & CAG?
  • How can worker threads update the UI?
  • WPF 3D - Added by a7an
  • Differences between Silverlight 2 and WPF
  • MVVM/MVP - Added by a7an
  • WPF Performance tuning
  • Pixel Shaders
  • Purpose of Freezables

Rest here : Interview questions: WPF Developer

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