Scala: Problems with erasure on overriding equals function for parametrized classes

I'm having troubles on understanding well how to use manifests.

That's my problem: I've creat a new parametrized class C and tryed to override equals like this:

override def equals(that:Any)=that match{
 case that:C[T] => true /*do smth else not relevant*/
 case _ => false

Of course I recieve the "warning: non variable type-argument T in type pattern C[T] is unchecked since it is eliminated by erasure". I tryied so using manifests like I was using in many other functions:

override def equals(that:Any)(implicit manifest:Manifest[T])=that match{
 case that:C[T] => true
 case _ => false

But I recieved the "error: method equals overrides nothing" message.

I don't know how to fix this. Could anyone please help me?


You can't fix it. Welcome to the joys of smooth interoperation with java. The only way to improve equals from def equals(x: Any): Boolean is to write a different method.

I'm always trying to convince martin that we should implement == desugaring differently, aiming at something like "def decentEquals[T](x: T)(implicit equiv: Equiv[T])" with default implicits and bridge methods to make it seamless unless you care, but he thinks equality tests shouldn't get any slower.

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