How to setup a Webmail inside Wordpress

i am trying to setup a webmail login page into wordpress nevertheless i havent found a way to do it, i've admit i'm wordpress rookie so i might be thinking things wrong, do you have any advice how to proceed?

Is there any plugin that enables a webmail login?


I'm afraid that the easiest way to do this would be to write your own plugin. It's very easy to make a plugin that adds an optiosn page and then edit the options page to reflect the webmail login.

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How to serve static content in a setup with Nginx -> HAProxy -> Apache?

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In the below stack setup, where could I serve static content? (going with a CDN is not an option).

qemu request for a disc image

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I am trying to get qemu up and running with xv6 but I am having some trouble with compiling xv6. what are the types of disc images that qemu accepts. for instance does Qemu accept .ISO files? I tried

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