Getting UTF-8 Request Parameter Strings in mod_perl2

I'm using mod_perl2 for a website and use CGI::Apache2::Wrapper to get the request parameters for the page (e.g. post data). I've noticed that the string the $req->param("parameter") function returns is not UTF-8. If I use the string as-is I can end up with garbled results, so I need to decode it using Encode::decode_utf8(). Is there anyway to either get the parameters already decoded into UTF-8 strings or loop through the parameters and safely decode them?


To get the parameters already decoded, we would need to override the behaviour of the underlying class Apache2::Request from libapreq2, thus losing its XS speed advantage. But that is not even straightforward possible, as unfortunately we are sabotaged by the CGI::Apache2::Wrapper constructor:

unless (defined $r and ref($r) and ref($r) eq 'Apache2::RequestRec') {

This is wrong OO programming, it should say

… $r->isa('Apache2::RequestRec')

or perhaps forego class names altogether and just test for behaviour (… $r->can('param')).

I say, with those obstacles, it's not worth it. I recommend to keep your existing solution that decodes parameters explicitly. It's clear enough.

To loop over the request parameters, simply do not pass an argument to the param method and you get a list of the names. This is documented (1, 2), please read more carefully.

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