Is it possible to have 3 Wordpress websites(copies) with each a different language?

i'm working on a website in Wordpress that needs to be in several different languages. I tried alot of options and several plugins(including WMPL) but to no avail.

So i was thinking, kind of as a last resort, is it a good idea(and is it possible?) to install multiple Wordpress installations on 1 server each in its own folder (/en, /de, /nl, etc.) and have each site in it's own language with links to the other languages/wordpress installations?



What was going wrong for you with the WPML multilingual plugin?

There is a lot you can tweak and there are some neat ways of making other plugins and functionality work nicely with it.

If you haven't already committed to another solution and want to post your WPML issues I'd be happy to help (as far as I can ;-))

Why don't go with a Multiple User installation, supported since 3.0? All sites use the same installation, plug-ins and themes and you can set each blog to it's own language!

I don't think it a good idea, would e very hard to maintain IMHO!

I would suggest trying all available plugins before, have you tried this:

Good luck!

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