timezone in android emulator

have tried to change the timezon in android-emulator but it doesn't work. I write the -timezone option in eclipse menu: Window - Preferences - Android - Launch - Default Emulator options: -timezone Europe/Stockholm I found the timezone info here. In stockholm we add one hour to the british time. If my computer clock is e.g. 22.19 I also want the time in the android emulator to be 22.19. But it always show 21.19. How shall I give the -timezone arg to the emulator from inside eclipse so it works. I use winXp and Eclipse 3.5. And I have always restarted the emulator after each change of timezone.


emulator -timezone Europe/Stockholm

Should work (on Linux). No quotes needed. Try this is an adb shell:

# date
Thu Dec  2 00:04:02 CET 2010
# date -u
Wed Dec  1 23:04:05 GMT 2010

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