How to get Facebook like button to add a website and add the user to our Facebook page

I've just set up a new website at and we also have a Facebook page which I don't have the url to hand at the moment (but it's called Elite Fight Kit). I want to add Facebook like buttons to my website. I can understand how to add them for product pages but I want to have a 'join us on facebook' button at the base of the page in a footer I'm producing so visitors can be added to the list of people on our Facebook page. We're growing a nice group of people over there.

I've looked into the Facebook like button and it seems to suggest that when user clicks it (if configured correctly) a feed item will be added to the users profile to say they like my website and provide a link back to the site. It seems I either have them like the website or like the Facebook group. That's great BUT I wondered if there was a way to have them click the like button, add the link to the website but ALSO join them to our Facebook page. Is there a way or will that be two seperate buttons?

This article was helpful when looking into the Facebook like button: it pretty much got me rolling, although the Facebook developer page wasn't too hard to get my head around either. :)

Hope someone has some experience with this that can throw some light on it for me. Thanks in advance!


I've looked into a similar request before but decided - given the current social plugin documentation - that it could only be done with two separate buttons. My advice would be to make the Like button on your website point to your Facebook page, with a prominent link back to your website from there. Without wanting to state the obvious, any wall posts that then appear for people liking your page will effectively advertise both!

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