what the best rails way to do the following

I've rails 3 app which displays records from a DB into table. I want the same method to check if the admin controller is used and if so add edit delete options to the table items.

Example: logged in a none admin server/home/list_info

  • Some info name address
  • More info name address

Logged in as Admin sever/admin/list_info

  • Some info name address Edit Delete
  • More info name address Edit Delete

I've currently got two controllers and two view methods, the admin method is just a copy with the Edit Delete links on the end. This doesn't seem very DRY to me. What to people do in this situation ?

Many Thanks Andy


I think the best way is to have one set of controllers/views and simply see if the current user is an admin. If yes, show the edit/delete links.

Typically, you could use Devise for authentication and CanCan for authorization.

Devise provides a current_user object, so if you implement an admin? method you could use something like

<%= link_to_if current_user.admin?, 'Delete', ... %>

Note: the above uses only Devise, not CanCan.

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