Authenticate to Facebook without Clicking Facebook Connect Button

I have added Facebook Connect to my application via the JavaScript SDK. I'm using Spring Security (this is a grails app) and I have added code that when someone clicks the FB Connection button to login, I manually authenticate them against their user account and everything gets wired up appropriately. I have 2 questions:

  1. When a user first logs in with FB and I don't have an account for them, I create an account for them with their FB info, generate a random password, and use their email for their login name. If the user then uses the regular login form instead of the FB button to sign in, how do I sign them in to FB as well?

  2. Every time the user clicks the FB Connect button, the popup window shows up. If they are already authenticated, it just goes away and then my web site redirects correctly. How do I keep the popup window from showing up in this case?



To you first question, the user might be connect on Facebook when landing on your page after registration. So you can rely on the Javascript SDK to help you out.

See here:

To your second question, I think you can't, except you might get a work around if you use the Javascript SDK mentioned for the first question!

This is how I did it for and it works just fine, but it might be a little irritating to be logged in without asking for it when you come back a few days later. Then there is the use case of the logout: if you are automatically logged in, are you automatically logged out too; and if not, what if your Facebook session is replaced by your girlfriend's one who is also a user on your site! :)

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