Don't keep previously selected value in select box when page is reloaded

Deos anybody know how to prevent the browser from keeping the last selected option when the client reloads the page?

The problem is that when I reload the page, it keeps the last selected option, and when I select the url in the address bar and hit Enter it will be reset.

I want the second result whicth means that I want to get the browser always reset the select box.

Please the simplest and the safest way :)



Just set the value in javascript. That way when the page is loaded its always initialized to the same value. Just using <option selected="selected"> won't work.

in javascript it would be something like this:

document.getElementById("selectBoxToBeReset").options[indexToBeSelected].selected = true;

and jquery helps even more:

$("#selectBoxToBeReset").selectOptions("value to be selected", true);

passing true as the second argument clears any previously selected value. Jquery select box tips.

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