MVC + How can i alert prompt user before Controller action

MVC Newbie here.

I want to get User confirmation before controller action (update a record)

my code:

    public ActionResult JobHandlerUpdate(int jobScheduleId, JobHandlerList jobHandlerList)
        var updateJobHander = new MainJobHandler();
        var item = updateJobHander.GetById(jobScheduleId);
        if (ModelState.IsValid)
            List<string> days = jobHandlerList.JobProcessDayOfWeek.Split(',').ToList();
            updateJobHander.Update(item, days);
            if(jobHandlerList.MaxInstances == 0)

                // here I need to prompt user if maxInstances entered is Zero- 
                   Job will be disabled want to processs (Y/N) if yes update 
                   else do nothing or redirect to edit screen
            return RedirectToAction("JobHandler");

       return View(item);

Do i need to do using javascript alert? or is there a good way.


You can probably do with an onClick event handler:

<input type="submit" onclick="return confirm('Are you sure you wish to submit?');" />

You can only do client-side prompts, because your Controller code executes on the server, which of course the client can't access.

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