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I have two tables: calls and attachments and I want to display everything that's in the calls table but also display whether a call has attachments, - by determining if there is an attachment record with a call_id in it. Maybe there is attachments, maybe there isn't.

calls call_id title description

attachments attach_id attach_name call_id

If I write:

select call_id, title, description from calls

to give me a list of all calls....

How can I also include whether this call record has an attachment(s) or not?



You can use an outer join to accomplish this:

SELECT c.call_id, title, description, attach_name
FROM calls c
LEFT OUTER JOIN attachments a ON c.call_id = a.call_id

The above will display (NULL) for the attach_name if no attachment is found. You can use ISNULL() to supply a default value if no attach_name is found, such as:

SELECT c.call_id, title, description, 
    ISNULL(attach_name, '(No attachment)') as attach_name
FROM calls c
LEFT OUTER JOIN attachments a ON c.call_id = a.call_id

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