Problem with CrunchBase API and jQuery $.getJSON

I am trying to simply send an alert with a "name", but It doesn't seem to work. Advice?

$(document).ready(function() {
$.getJSON("", function(data) {
   alert("Hello: " +;

Here is what the JSON contains:

{"crunchbase_url": "",
 "permalink": "google",
 "name": "Google"}   


Normally you'd use JSONP here by adding &callback=? to your URL, however a JSONP callback is not supported in this case, from the crunchbase API documentation:

List Entities

To retrieve a list of all of the entities in a certain namespace on CrunchBase, use a URL of the form:<plural-namespace>

The plural available namespaces are:

  • companies
  • people
  • financial-organizations
  • products
  • service-providers

This action does not support JavaScript callbacks.

The bottom line is the most important, you'll see that this: still results in regular JSON, not JSONP.

If you're not Crunchbase, you can't send that request. For security reasons, only may send AJAX requests to (Imagine we were talking about and I were logged in. It'd be a problem if just any site could send arbitrary requests to with my cookies attached.)

The API documentation does indicate a JSON-P option, however. If you're interested, you can look up the implementation details, but the important bit is that the JSON-P technique is able to circumvent the domain name restriction because Crunchbase's API will allow you to.

The URL is a similar resource to the one you mentioned, but this particular URL allows you to use JSON-P, whereas the one you posted does not. jQuery allows you to do this easily: pass the URL to $.getJSON as (the bit about the callback is important!), and jQuery will fill in the blanks and handle the magic script loading behind the scenes. It's very fancy :)

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