parse and replace in oracle

I am new to the SQL/Oracle, and wondering if there's an easy way to parse a csv string and replace tokens with another string.

for example, i have a string like


and i want to replace the value after the param with a CONSTANT

so, the string would become


thanks in advance.



select regexp_replace(regexp_replace(regexp_replace(
   (select 'param,value1,str1,param,value2,str3,param,value3' str from dual);

If you have anything messy (like quoted values including commas) then it will break. That said regular expressions aren't my strong point and some should eb able to do a better job.

I presume you know that having a RDBMS like Oracle and storing the data in such an odd manner is a pretty poor idea. If you are not going for a convetional table/column structure, you can use the object relation features or XML.

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