Loops in C challenge: can it be done another way?

Hi all C experts (please don't shoot, I'm no C programmer anymore but from time to time I have a question that pops in my mind)

I was reading another question (How to print an entered string backwards in C using only a for loop).

The "simplest" and most logical answer is

for (x = end; x >= 0; --x) {
    printf("%c", word[x]);

But I was wondering if there wasn't a way to achieve the same goal but staying closer to the original loop poseted:

for (x = word[end]; x >= word[0]; x--) {
    printf("%c", x);

I don't know enough C to work it out, but couldn't we play with the arrays pointers to loop through

char * wordp;
for(wordp = &word[end]; /*something*/; wordp--){\
   printf("%c", &wordp);

P.S.: I don't really care if it is a forwards or backwards loop.

P.P.S.: Sorry if I made obvious C mistakes in the pointers; point them out in the comment and I'll edit them. ;)




char *wordp;

for(wordp = word + end; wordp >= word; wordp--){
   printf("%c", *wordp);

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