Calling Python functions from C++

I am trying to achieve call Python functions from C++. I thought it could be achieved through function pointers, but it does not seem to be possible. I have been using boost.python to accomplish this.

Say there is a function defined in Python:

def callback(arg1, arg2):
    #do something
    return something

Now I need to pass this function to C++, so that it can be called from there. How do I write the code on C++ side using boost.python to achieve this?


If it might have any name:

Pass it to a function that takes a boost::python::object.

bp::object pycb; //global variable. could also store it in a map, etc
void register_callback(bp::object cb)
      pycb = cb;

If it is in a single known namespace with a consistent name:

bp::object pycb = bp::scope("namespace").attr("callback");

bp::object has operator() defined, so you call it just like any function

ret = pycb()

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