Implementing a Measured value in Scala

A Measured value consists of (typically nonnegative) floating-point number and unit-of-measure. The point is to represent real-world quantities, and the rules that govern them. Here's an example:

scala> val oneinch = Measure(1.0, INCH)
oneinch : Measure[INCH] = Measure(1.0)
scala> val twoinch = Measure(2.0, INCH)
twoinch : Measure[INCH] = Measure(2.0)
scala> val onecm = Measure(1.0, CM)
onecm : Measure[CM] = Measure(1.0)
scala> oneinch + twoinch
res1: Measure[INCH] = Measure(3.0)
scala> oneinch + onecm
res2: Measure[INCH] = Measure(1.787401575)
scala> onecm * onecm
res3: Measure[CMSQ] = Measure(1.0)
scala> onecm * oneinch
res4: Measure[CMSQ] = Measure(2.54)
scala> oncem * Measure(1.0, LITER)
console>:7: error: conformance mismatch
scala> oneinch * 2 == twoinch
res5: Boolean = true

Before you get too excited, I haven't implemented this, I just dummied up a REPL session. I'm not even sure of the syntax, I just want to be able to handle things like adding Measured quantities (even with mixed units), multiplying Measured quantities, and so on, and ideally, I like Scala's vaunted type-system to guarantee at compile-time that expressions make sense.

My questions:

  1. Is there extant terminology for this problem?
  2. Has this already been done in Scala?
  3. If not, how would I represent concepts like "length" and "length measured in meters"?
  4. Has this been done in some other language?

A $330-million Mars probe was lost because the contractor was using yards and pounds and NASA was using meters and newtons. A Measure library would have prevented the crash.


Well, this functionality exists in Java, meaning you can use it directly in Scala.

jsr-275, which was moved to google code. jscience implements the spec. Here's a good introduction. If you want a better interface, I'd use this as a base and build a wrapper around it.

F# has support for it, see for example this link for an introduction. There has been some work done in Scala on Units, for example here and here. There is a Scala compiler plugin as well, as described in this blog post. I briefly tried to install it, but using Scala 2.8.1, I got an exception when I started up the REPL, so I'm not sure whether this plugin is actively maintained at the moment.

Your question is fully answered with one word. You can thank me later.


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