Adding a JSP file to a GWT project in Eclipse Helios( and Galileo )

I have a GWT project in Eclipse to which i try to add a jsp file. I run the application in development mode and when i try to access that jsp file i get the following error:


Problem accessing /testing.jsp. Reason:


Powered by Jetty://

I'm using Eclipse 3.6 (tried it on 3.5 too with the same results), GWT 2.1 and GAE 1.3.8


That's strange - it works out of the box on my machine:

  • GWT 2.1
  • GPE (Google Plugin for Eclipse) 1.4.0
  • Eclipse 3.6

I just do the following:

[The only case when it doesn't work for me is, if I use Java 1.5 code in the jsp file. But then I get a 500 error, not a 404.]

Can you try this exact scenario, and see, if it works?

A 404 error means it can't find the file. Your jsp file should go in the war directory, not in your source tree: project/war/testing.jsp

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