Javascript Date Object from string in form 'HH-MM'

Hey, just wondering how to convert an HH:MM string into a javascript Date object. I have tried new Date(string); and myDate.setTime() but to no avail.

A side question could be: How to convert a string in HH:MM into milliseconds from Jan 1, 1970.

Thanks for your help in advance.


in JavaScript, I'm using the datejs library. If you include this library, you have a function called "parseExact" and you could use it like this:

var dateString = "10-12";
var date = new Date.parseExact(dateString, "hh-mm");

To get the miliseconds, you can download the file time.js from Then you have a function getTotalMilliseconds() you can use:

var mSeconds = date.getTotalMilliseconds();

I hope this will help a little bit.

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