Weird outputs from SendMessage on 64-bit Windows

I'm sort of new to Windows GUI programming. I got some code which works fine on 32-bit Windows but go weird on 64-bit Win7 (same exe).

LWG_CEDIT_GET( m_hwnd, IDC_EDIT_NUM_TEST, g_tmp_str, 4096 );

where LWG_CEDIT_GET is defined as:

#define LWG_CEDIT_GET(h,id,v,m) \

On WinXP 32, this gives me g_tmp_str="1" (of course I inputted '1' into the textfield in dialog). But, on Win7 64, this gives me g_tmp_str=""(Oops, the weird character can't be shown in stackoverflow, whatever, odd char. [0]=49'1' [1]=16'').

Generally speaking, 32bit exe program can work flawlessly on Win7 64, so, why my program failed? Thanks.

Edit 1: IsWindowsUnicode(m_hwnd) returns FALSE.


See my last comments of the topic.

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