Nested batch for loops

The following nested for-loop drives me mad (on Windows 7):

@echo off
SetLocal EnableDelayedExpansion

set TESTDIRS=fast mid slow
set TD=src\test\resources\testsuite

for %%d in (%TESTDIRS%) do (
    set CTD=%TD%\%%d
    echo CTD: !CTD!
        REM Echos the expected path
    echo CTD: %CTD%
        REM Echos nothing -- understandable

    for /R !CTD! %%f in (*.fs) do (echo %%f)
        REM Echos nothing -- why?
    for /R src\test\resources\testsuite\fast %%f in (*.fs) do (echo %%f)
        REM Echos expected files

I tried various solutions involving disabling DelayedExpansion, call-statements and whatnot, but I never got the inner loop working. I know that I could replace the inner loop by a subroutine call, but there gotta be a way to make it work with nested loops.


What if you used pushd !CTD! and popd, and let FOR /R default to using the current directory?

Just to give an example of a nested loop that works:

@echo off

set B=alpha beta gamma
set A=eins zwo

FOR %%b in (%B%) do (
  FOR %%a in (%A% %%b) DO (
    echo %%b -^> %%a

The output (at least on Windows 7) is

alpha -> eins
alpha -> zwo
alpha -> alpha
beta -> eins
beta -> zwo
beta -> beta
gamma -> eins
gamma -> zwo
gamma -> gamma

This supports jeb's observation that variable expansion in loops works if they occur inside parenthesis (even without delayed expansion).

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