add this api in flex3

in one flex application, i have to implement the addthis api, means i have to give options of sharing the application on social media like facebook, twitter etc, there is one api provided by

bt i am not getting how to work in to this, i m still using flex3, as ma project is in flex3,

can n e body have n e idea of how to use these sharing api, in to flex, thanx in advance


It looks like you should start with the API Documentation page for the site:

I am not at all familiar with the service, but from the docs, it seems that there is a jQuery API and a REST-like interface that the jQuery lib uses.

It seems like you have two options:

  1. If you are hosting your flex app in the browser, you might see if you can access the jQuery library to get at the service via the browser.

  2. Consider using the REST-like api that they have exported directly in Flex. You would use the HTTPService to access the API:

Good luck!

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