is it possible to make rails 2 the default instead of rails 3 on my mac?

Is it possible to make Rails 2 the default rails on my mac?



If you only wish to install rails 2, then specify the version you want when installing the gem

gem install rails-2.3.5

If you want to maintain different versions of rails, then you probably also want to maintain different versions of ruby. In that case, rvm is your friend.

Whenever you need to have couple of rails env RVM is always a good idea.

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Is it possible to convert to a WAV file to AIFF in PHP, and viceversa?

php audio wav aiff

I know it's possible to covert from AIFF and WAV to MP3, but in my project I need to have available all three formats (AIFF, WAV and MP3) from AIFF and WAV inputs. Is it possible?

How to set dark theme in YouTrack


I seen on the JetBrains site (in a post about youtrack 5 EAP) that is possible to set a dark theme to YouTrack, similar to the IntelliJ' Darcula Theme.