Write an insert or update and auditing Entity changes?How can I do it?

When insert/updating an entity I need to log all the properties that have changed. Lets take 2 tables Customer and Address. A customer can have many addresses.


Write to the Audit Table all the properties that have changed?

what is the way to write an update method if you like that does just that.

I have seen that you can use the following:

  ObjectStateEntry entry = ObjectStateManager.GetObjectStateEntry(entity);
  var changes=  entry.GetModifiedProperties().

Not sure how you actually write the method though the following is an half attempt: can you give me few pointers or help me with the code?

  private  bool UpdateCustomer(Customer modifiedCustomerDto)
     using (var ctx = new MyContext())
        var oldCustomer = ctx.Customers.Where(xx => xx.CustomerId == modifiedCustomerDto.id).Single();
        oldCustomer.Name = modifiedCustomerDto.Name;
        oldCustomer.Surname = modifiedCustomerDto.Surname;

        foreach (var oldAddress in oldCustomer.Addresses)
          //if it's a new Address add it 
           //else updateit
           //Write to the audit table all the properties that have changed.

        //Get Modified properties and write to the auditlog



Take a look at this post dealing with the SavingChanges event. You can check all properties of the object being updated in this event and log them using your custom code.

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