Processing Excel Forms

I've recently been tasked to process a great many excel forms (around 400). My job is now merely to scrape the information and place the info in four different documents. I believe a short script would serve my needs perfectly, but I want to stay the hell away from VBA if I can. Any suggestions about how to go about this and what language to choose (I don't mind learning something new)?


I would recommend Python as the language the fits your problem because it's easy to learn, scriptable, and has the right language features (in this case objects and GUI libraries) to turn your work into an application for others to use if it turns into something more than just an occasion task for you.

As for the actual Excel processing, there's a set of Python libraries. The link also includes a 50+ PDF documentation manual with usage examples for reading, writing and manipulating workbooks.

Have you considered Perl?

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