Git: repo for multiple users on a server

I created a Git repo on a server and want it to be used by several people, i.e. users which belong to the same Unix group. It also has a working copy because it may be useful for us to have a common working copy.

Thus I set the owning group of that Git repo directory to that Unix group.

The problem is, every time someone is pushing to that repository, the new files/directories have the owner set to the username of that user and his group but not our common group. Also, all those new files/directories become rwxr-xr-x.

I tried git config core.sharedRepository group but that doesn't really work. It now makes files/directories as rwxrwsr-x but is has still the wrong group set.


Ok, figured it out.

The first important thing (which I did already) was:

git config core.sharedRepository group

The second one was this:

chmod g+s -R .

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