More control when doing animations in Dashcode/Dashboard?

Recently I am giving another shot to Dashcode ;)

It's great. Is just I think is not well documented. I have a stackLayout object with only two views in it, and a couple of buttons that interchange the views with a transition.(views show data of a large array, list) Animations and transitions work perfect. The problem is, when I press a button while animating the animation starts again and it looks ugly (If I had n views for a datasource array of length n this should't be a problem, but this is not my case).

I want to disable buttons while animation is taking place.

Is there any callback, delegate, or any way I can get a notification when the animation is finished?

This is what I have done:

function _changeView(transitionDirection, newIndex){

    //Create transition
    var newTransition = new Transition(Transition.SWAP_TYPE, 0.9, Transition.EASE_TIMING);
    newTransition.direction = transitionDirection;

    //I only have two views. I use currentView's id to calculate not current view id and change text inside of it. 
    var stackLayout = document.getElementById('stackLayout').object;//stackLayout object
    var nextViewId = (stackLayout.getCurrentView().id == 'view1')? '2':'1'; //

    //change the text in the view that is going to appear   
    document.getElementById('text'+nextViewId).innerHTML = list[curIndex];

    stackLayout.setCurrentViewWithTransition('view'+ nextViewId, newTransition, false);

function goPrevious(event)
    if(curIndex < 0){ 
        curIndex = list.length-1;
    _changeView(Transition.LEFT_TO_RIGHT_DIRECTION, curIndex);

function goNext(event)
    if(curIndex >list.length - 1){ 
        curIndex = 0;
    _changeView(Transition.RIGHT_TO_LEFT_DIRECTION, curIndex);


Eventually found the answer to this. Here's how I did it:

document.getElementById('stackLayout').object.endTransitionCallback=function(stackLayout, oldView, newView) {
    //PUT CODE HERE USING stackLayout, oldView, newView to show params

In fact you can find all the stackLayout methods and properties in the StackLayout.js file in your project!!

Hope this helps

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