Is there a Java user management package similar to Django auth application?

I'm looking for a java package/spring user management package that is similar to django's auth application, which provides the database models such as User and Group out-of-the-box.

I have a standard spring/hibernate application (based on Spring ROO), and I would like to use an existing User/Group/Role implementation instead of reinventing it (the actual authentication can use spring's mechanism, but I'd like to save the time implementing the user management part).

Thanks for the help


The Emmet project may be of interest to you. Emmet includes a custom SpringSecurity UserDetailsStore and a webapp for user account management. Out of the box functionality includes basic user account details, roles, support for multiple identities, support password aging, self registration and password reset. You can use it in conjunction with SpringSecurity based authentication and access control, or (at a pinch) with other "stacks".

(Emmet also provides some custom SpringSecurity authentication components, and potted wirings, but you can ignore that aspect if you like.)

Disclaimer: I'm the lead developer for Emmet.

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