Decoding unicode from Javascript in Python & Django

On a website I have the word pluș sent via POST to a Django view. It is sent as plu%25C8%2599. So I took that string and tried to figure out a way how to make %25C8%2599 back into ș.

I tried decoding the string like this:

from urllib import unquote_plus
s = "plu%25C8%2599"
print unquote_plus(unquote_plus(s).decode('utf-8'))

The result i get is pluÈ which actually has a length of 5, not 4.

How can I get the original string pluș after it's encoded ?


I managed to do it like this

def js_unquote(quoted):
  quoted = quoted.encode('utf-8')
  quoted = unquote_plus(unquote_plus(quoted)).decode('utf-8')
  return quoted

It looks weird but works the way I needed it.


URL-decode twice, then decode as UTF-8.

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