Can i run sql script through linq

I have a sql script file and i want to run that i can use sqlcommand for that but in my appliction im using linq. So i want to know can i run that script through linq if yes how can i do


Use the DataContext.ExecuteCommand method to send your SQL directly to the database.

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Is it OK to inherit from the C++11 smart pointers and override the relative operators?

c++ inheritance c++11 operator-overloading smart-pointers

According to, std::shared_ptr provides a full set of relative operators (==, !=, <, ...), but the semantics of comparison aren't specified. I assume they compare the underlying ...

Need Help regarding Comboboxes


i am new to php i need help regarding one combobox dependent on another combobox.i have two combo fields in my form,one is of schools and other is of Class.Every school has specific class and both ...

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